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Wanga Nègès - Chocolat 50% Cacao (Haiti)


Wanga Nègès 

Tablette de Chocolat au Rapadou / Rapadou Chocolate Bar (50% Cacao)                                  

Produit d'Haïti / Made in Haïti

Ingrédients: Cacao Haïtien - Rapadou (Sucre de Canne Artisanal) Haïtien - Lait - Beurre de Cacao

"A decadent milk chocolate bar with rapadou sugar – the real taste of the Haitian terroir.

Wanga Nègès is creamy and smooth, with a rich, chocolate taste and a complex melange of subtle flavors, from caramel to dried fruit.There is no bitterness and the taste of the chocolate lingers in your mouth for quite some time. Highly recommended!"